Dolls & Bears Dollhouse Miniatures Other Dollhouse Miniatures
Calico critters/sylvanian families Cozy Living Room With Light Up Wood Stove
Magic Masonry Red Brick for 1/2" scale
Dollhouse Horse Weather Vane Realife Miniatures 848 NOS Scientific Models
Calico Critters - Becky Beaver Visits The Dentist - RARE
Calico critters/sylvanian families Patio BBQ Grill With Figure & Accessories
Calico Critters Sylvanian Families Dentist Set with Doctor and Patient Hospital
Kovels: German wooden doll sells for $2,900
Wooden dolls date back ... household goods and a tiny miniature Grodnertal wooden doll. Because she was old, attractive and in good original condition, a collector paid more than $2,900 to take her home. Q: I have a pasteboard dollhouse designed and ...
Interest in miniatures grows as collectors create perfect little worlds
Miniature houses aren't just for dolls. "It's not a dollhouse, it's a piece of three-dimensional art," said Debbie McManus, owner of Lynlott Miniatures Dollhouse Junction in Aspinwall. "No matter what else is going on in your world, with a miniature house ...
Miniature making
Chase has made mini draperies, bolts of fabric, spools of thread, quilts, needlepoint pillows and wigs for dollhouse dolls. Others she knows in the hobby, particularly men, enjoy wiring miniature creations for electricity and metalwork, along with ...
This old dollhouse
Currently, she is serving on a team of conservators and other professionals who are involved in a painstaking process of restoring New York City's Stettheimer Dollhouse, right down to the miniature prints ... intricately costumed dolls, as well as ...
Small wonders on display at The Barnyard
More than 1,000 miniature dolls are arranged in the scenes that depict daily ... She had an afternoon free and decided to kill some time by visiting a dollhouse shop. “I was blown away by what I found and the level of detail I saw when I ...
Miniature Birds For Crafts, Dollhouse, Fairy Gardens Lot Of 6 Very Tiny
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NEW! Sylvanian Families Calico Critters Candy Wagon
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1:6 scale Handmade miniature for 11"-12" size dolls - UFO magazine w/real pages
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Paper Punch Holly leaf
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Calico Critters Sylvanian Families Hamburger Wagon Cart ** DAMAGED **
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HUGE Re-ment Paper goods lot from YEARS of collecting
Wholesale Lot of 12 Dollhouse Miniature Dishwashing Detergent
Dollhouse 1:12 Victorian Shoes
"Museum Wax" Adhesive for Securing Stabilizing DOLLHOUSE Miniatures to Surfaces
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Conquering Mount Toy
Mum's the Word: THERE'S two Tonka trucks in the hallway, the bath tub is filled with plastic fish and boats and "Baa Baa Black Sheep" echoes throughout the living room each time I step on Master One-Year-Old's miniature ... of dolls, bears and ...
How the Trailer Park Could Save Us All
If you are fighting with other residents, you still have to greet them when you ... Her home is small and spotless. A loft contains a few dolls, nothing much else. Clutter, she says, is not possible here. Most days, Carolyn gives Deenah crossword puzzles ...
Interest in miniatures grows as collectors create perfect little worlds
"It's an addiction that nobody wants to get away from," said Terri Hirt, owner of Plum Miniatures and an avid collector of tiny items. Miniature houses aren't just for dolls. "It's not a dollhouse ... also carries dozens of other house kits that range ...
thing theory (2008)
In On Longing, Susan Stewart notes that miniatures, particularly dollhouse ... the dolls inside the Nutshells reference specific people, adding another layer to their personhoods and memorializing them, in a way, long after their deaths. On the other ...
Warrior Toy Museum
This museum is packed with about 4,000 model cars, 500 dolls and teddy bears, plus miniature dolls' houses, toy soldiers, and pretty much any other toy you can think of, including two fully operating railroads.
Hobbyists experience the magic of miniatures
The operative word is “mini,” as in miniature dollhouses. Club members not only love miniature doll-houses, the women make such dollhouses and everything that goes into them. And a whole lot of other ... dollhouse enthusiast. “I kept my dolls from ...