Dolls & Bears Dollhouse Miniatures Lamps & Lighting
Vintage DOLLHOUSE MINIATURE 1:12 Scale IGMA Barbara Kummerow Tiffany Style Lamp
Dollhouse Battery Operated Three Warm White Mega LED - Miniature Lighting
Cir-Kit Concepts Inc dollhouse wiring
Dollhouse Miniatures 2032 Battery Light kit - 2 LED's -
Kovels: German wooden doll sells for $2,900
Wooden dolls date back ... household goods and a tiny miniature Grodnertal wooden doll. Because she was old, attractive and in good original condition, a collector paid more than $2,900 to take her home. Q: I have a pasteboard dollhouse designed and ...
Interest in miniatures grows as collectors create perfect little worlds
Miniature houses aren't just for dolls. "It's not a dollhouse, it's a piece of three-dimensional art," said Debbie McManus, owner of Lynlott Miniatures Dollhouse Junction in Aspinwall. "No matter what else is going on in your world, with a miniature house ...
Miniature making
Chase has made mini draperies, bolts of fabric, spools of thread, quilts, needlepoint pillows and wigs for dollhouse dolls. Others she knows in the hobby, particularly men, enjoy wiring miniature creations for electricity and metalwork, along with ...
This old dollhouse
Currently, she is serving on a team of conservators and other professionals who are involved in a painstaking process of restoring New York City's Stettheimer Dollhouse, right down to the miniature prints ... intricately costumed dolls, as well as ...
Small wonders on display at The Barnyard
More than 1,000 miniature dolls are arranged in the scenes that depict daily ... She had an afternoon free and decided to kill some time by visiting a dollhouse shop. “I was blown away by what I found and the level of detail I saw when I ...
Miniature Dollhouse "Antique" 3 Light Fixture w Frosted Glass Tulip Shades 1:12
Micro Mini LED Lighting - Warm White, Coin Battery Operated Dollhouse Miniatures
Dollhouse Wiring Kit - new in box
E505WMT 10 sets Warm White LED Screw Bulb and Stand Base E5 E5.5 12V-14V new
Big 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Accessories Lot LED Battery Light Fixtures
Elect A Lite Dollhouse Lighting Kit
Elect-A-Lite Basic Dollhouse Lighting Kit E-120, 12 Volt System "SEALED & NEW"
Dollhouse Miniature 12 volt White Tiffany Style Hanging Ceiling Light #MW786A15
1:12 Scale Clare Bell Brass Works Electrified Square Candlesticks
Antique Dollhouse Chandelier Miniature Ornate Gold Metal-Glass Globes-REDUCED
1:12 Scale Amber Electric Lamp by Chrysolite
1:12 Scale Chrysolite Lamp
Dollhouse Miniature 1" Scale Electric Brass Floor Lamp NOS Houseworks 2718
Vintage Dollhouse Lighting Kit, Tiffany Style Lamp Shade 12 Volt Elect-A-Lite
Vintage 4 Arm Swarovski Crystal Electric Chandelier Dollhouse light Miniature
1:12 Scale Brooke Tucker Elephant Electrified Lamp
Vintage 5 Arm Art Glass Candelabra Hanging Chandelier Dollhouse Miniature
Warren Richardson Clare-Bell Brass Electric Floor Lamp Dollhouse Miniature - NOS
Miniature Battery Operated Light Ceiling Fan #C36W Non-Working Sutton
HP0987 12pc Couplers Train ho scale Knuckle Spring Coupler diy accessories hooks
HP0787 12 Model Trains HO Coupler hook 20mm E-Z Mate Magnetic Knuckle Couplers
Lot of 6 Vintage Dollhouse Miniatures LAMPS w Table Ceiling Hanging Shades Toys
Vintage Dollhouse Miniature Silver Tone Metal Candle Chandelier Ceiling Light
Dollhouse Miniature Battery Operated Hanging Flower Ceiling Light #WCSBLED283
Dollhouse Lot of Electrical 12 volt lighting, all you need to light a dollhouse
Vintage Ideal Petite Princess Fantasy Furniture Pedestal Table Lamp Flower Vase
Dollhouse Miniature Sconce Black Wall Lamp Led light /Outdoor Yard decoration
2pc. Metal 9-Volt Battery Clips
MP30W 100 x Grain of Wheat 3mm Clear 6V 30cm Wired Mini Bulbs
Dollhouse Miniature Battery Operated Light Single Bulb Sconce W11SC Sutton
Dollhouse Miniature Brass Huriicane Lamp w/Glass Shade 1:12
1:12 Dollhouse Miniature 12 volt Pink Flower Hanging Ceiling Light #WCEL176
Dollhouse Miniature 12 volt Modern Chrome Ceiling Light Fixture #WCEL249S
Dollhouse Miniature LED Chandelier Ceiling Lighting Lamp 5 Candle w/ Battery
Dollhouse / Miniature House Brass Table Lamp
Warm White Nano LED Chip Light Kit - Battery Operated Dollhouse Miniatures
9 LED light strip (lot of 5) Warm white interior lights 6" length
2 Vintage NOS 1:12 Silver Plate Dollhouse Miniatures * Pr CANDLE WALL SCONCES
Vintage Dollhouse Miniature Blown Glass Red Table Lamp NOS
NICE Dollhouse Miniature 12 volt Pink Flower Ceiling Light 1/12 Scale #WCEL172
Vintage Doll House Miniature Exquisite Ceiling Fan Light ~~ NIB
Pair of Dollhouse Miniature Warren Richardson Brass Clare-Bell Table Lamps NOS
1:48 Scale Dollhouse Ceiling Fixture Frosted Shade 3V LED light - 0000670
Dollhouse Miniature Swivel Spotlight Bulb w/12" White Wires (180 ma) #CK1010-10
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURE - Battery Lighting - LED Swivel Spotlight 1:12 scale Silver
Vintage Dollhouse Ideal Petite Princess Fantasy Lamp #22
Dollhouse Electric Triple Receptacle Ext. Cords (2 pc Package) #MH0656
LED Ceiling Light Miniature for Doll House 1/12 - golden DT
5 Clear Grain Of Wheat Light Bulbs For Doll Houses And More 3mm 12 Volt Free S&H
CIR-KIT ELECTRICAL 1" Scale Dollhouse Flickering Fireplace Lite Set CK864
Beautiful Metal & Glass Oil Lamp Dollhouse Miniature Old made in Germany?
1:48 Scale Crystal Chandelier with 3V LED light - 0001184
Miniature dollhouse Americana Lantern hanging lamp 12v 1:12 scale
Dollhouse Miniature LED Light Battery Operated With Switch DiY
ELECT-A-LITE Doll House Lighting Kit MODEL E-120 With Housework’s Brass Lamp
Dollhouse Electrical Cir-Kit Awl #CK1044
Houseworks #2754 Chandelier Dollhouse Miniature 1" Scale 12V NIP 2003
NEW! Dollhouse Miniature Battery Operated Multicolored Christmas Lights #BT20-3
Dollhouse Electrical Heat Shrink Tubes Pack Clear (17)
Vtg Miniature Chandelier Doll House beads wedding cake style lamp electrical
Modern Lighting White Dome Ceiling Fixture for 1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Scene
12 volt Hardwire Lighting Kit for Dollhouse Lights #AZM1748
Reutter Porcelain Tiffany Style Lamp with Fruit Design. 1:12 Scale
Heidi Ott Dollhouse Miniature Light 1:12 Scale Oriental Hanging Lamp #YL5050R
6 Screw-In 12 Volt Bulbs, 5 Sockets on wires,1:12 Scale For Miniature Dollhouse
Light - Craftsman Tiffany Lamp - 1/12 scale dollhouse miniature MH1045 12 volt
Brass Chandelier Lamp Electric Light Fixture Dollhouse Miniature Vintage 1:12
1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Light - Painted Gold Coach Lamps 2Pcs 4153 625
1:48 Scale Dollhouse Large Ceiling Fixture Frosted Shade 3V LED light - 0000991
10PCS Bright White LED Screw Bulb E5 E5.5 12V-14V Spur H0/TT/N Scale NEW
Dollhouse Light 1:12 Scale floor lamp 12-volt - hand made OOAK!
1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Chandelier Ceiling Lighting Lamp Retro Home Decor Healt
Antique Cast Metal Dollhouse Miniature Oil Lamp with Delicate Handblown Shade
Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 Scale Vintage Frosted Bronze Ceiling Light
doll house lamp chandelier
Dollhouse Halloween Orange Light Bulbs for Miniature Lamp Candle or Fireplace
Dollhouse Miniature 3 Plug Standard Outlet for 1:12 Scale Lighting Set of 2
Dollhouse Miniature Mini Drill with Bit #CK201
2pcs Mini LED Light Wall Lamp 1:12th Dollhouse Miniatures Decor
Dollhouse Miniature 9V Battery Connector w/ Wire Single Receptacle for Light
Dollhouse Battery Operated Black Hanging Lamp 1:12 MiniLighting +4 Batteries
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURE - Battery Lighting - LED Swivel Spotlight 1:12 scale
miniature Wall Sconces Pair painted metallic
Dollhouse Miniature 1220 Battery Light kit - One LED -Pure White LED Light
1:12 Dollhouse Accessories Miniature Light Desk Table LED Light Lamp Black
Vintage Dollhouse Miniature Elect-A -Lite Flickering Fire Unit NOS #EA-F60
A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 Scale Diorama Accessory Item
Dollhouse Lighting Large Green Outdoor Security Shop Light 12v 1:12 Miniature
50PCS Clear 3mm 1.5V 100mA Miniature Pre-Wired Grain of Wheat Bulbs Warm White
Dollhouse Miniature Floor Lamp w/2 Palace Shades 1:12 Antiqued 12V 1:12 Scale
LED Light Strips, Adapter, Big 6 amp Power Supply. Complete Package!
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Pike Place Market: An amazing maze of shops
Whimsical prints and lamps are sold at an artists' co-op shop; another store specializes in stuff for left-handed people. Or head to shops specializing in props for magical tricks; miniature ... dollhouse furniture and figurines, vintage dolls and teddy ...
Guy and Dolls: Walpole 90-year-old spends years making dollhouses for granddaughters
He’s spent the last 50 years in Walpole with his wife Mary in their home on Highland Street, where the basement is now a workshop dedicated to building dollhouses so real that miniature ... He wired the dollhouse so the lamps and chandeliers would ...
Dollhouses: A hobby best kept small
My bedroom overflowed with Barbie dolls, My Little Ponies and She-Ra ... there was a shop that sold nothing but dollhouse miniatures. Every time I stepped inside, I was transported from the noisy city sidewalk facing the bus station to a world of perfect ...
Dollhouse décor: Pocket resident makes and decorates dollhouses
Well, I smiled and said ‘no.’ I always loved miniatures ... the whole dollhouse.” As a result she bought standardized doors, rewired the house with little lamps, so if she flips the switch in the back of the dollhouse, the lights could come on.
A huge market for life in miniature
the show will feature hundreds of handmade and collectible dolls, teddy bears, dollhouse miniatures and dollhouses and "room box" exhibitions in the scale of 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48. They've been supplied by clubs and individuals from Lower Hutt, Whanganui ...
Now collect the latest flavor of season at dollhouse collectables
It’s a dream of every dollhouse collector to own a set of miniatures ... dolls, dollhouse paintings and much more. Each range of products embrace unique miniaturized items like dollhouse lighting products Wall Sconce, crystal chandeliers, carriage lamps ...