Dolls & Bears Dollhouse Miniatures Home Décor
Miniature Dollhouse FAIRY GARDEN Accessories ~ Mini Rustic Plant Ladder ~ NEW
Miniature Dollhouse CHRISTMAS VILLAGE Fairy Garden ~ TINY Metal Train Set ~ NEW
Dollhouse Miniature Gold Framed Picture of a Colorful Bird
1:12 Scale Miniature Phonograph Dollhouse Accessory Gramophone Pencil Sharpener
Dollhouse Miniature Set of 4 Rectangular Gold Picture Frames with Bead Design
Miniature FAIRY GARDEN Accessories ~ Micro Mini Wood Stone Campfire w/ Pot ~ NEW
Kovels: German wooden doll sells for $2,900
Wooden dolls date back ... household goods and a tiny miniature Grodnertal wooden doll. Because she was old, attractive and in good original condition, a collector paid more than $2,900 to take her home. Q: I have a pasteboard dollhouse designed and ...
Interest in miniatures grows as collectors create perfect little worlds
Miniature houses aren't just for dolls. "It's not a dollhouse, it's a piece of three-dimensional art," said Debbie McManus, owner of Lynlott Miniatures Dollhouse Junction in Aspinwall. "No matter what else is going on in your world, with a miniature house ...
Miniature making
Chase has made mini draperies, bolts of fabric, spools of thread, quilts, needlepoint pillows and wigs for dollhouse dolls. Others she knows in the hobby, particularly men, enjoy wiring miniature creations for electricity and metalwork, along with ...
This old dollhouse
Currently, she is serving on a team of conservators and other professionals who are involved in a painstaking process of restoring New York City's Stettheimer Dollhouse, right down to the miniature prints ... intricately costumed dolls, as well as ...
Small wonders on display at The Barnyard
More than 1,000 miniature dolls are arranged in the scenes that depict daily ... She had an afternoon free and decided to kill some time by visiting a dollhouse shop. “I was blown away by what I found and the level of detail I saw when I ...
Miniature Rooster Weathervane - Reynolds Painted Metal
Miniature Dollhouse Decorative Ice Blue Spike Heel "Glass" Shoe Figurines 1:12
Miniature FAIRY GARDEN Truck Tractor FARM Trailer TONKA ~ Mini Hay Bale Pkg of 2
Dollhouse Miniature Yellow Perfume Bottle with Silver Top
Miniature Dollhouse FAIRY GARDEN ~ Wood Look Resin Bench w Tea Table ~ NEW
Dollhouse Miniature Unfinished Metal small 2 Piece Nativity Set
Miniature Dollhouse Fine Porcelain 17th Century Lady w Budgie Bird Figurine 1:12
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Dollhouse Miniature Pink Orchid Arrangement in Bowl Planter by Bright deLights
Dollhouse Miniature Blue Hydrangea Plant by Falcon Miniatures
Miniature Dollhouse Set of 2 Gray Urns 1:12 Scale New
Dollhouse Miniature Fancy Photo Frame with Rhinestones 1:12 Scale Art Deco
Adorable 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Gold Elephant Figurine #JLM129B
Miniature doll/dollhouse/Conservatory draping FERN plant Hanging Planter Pot
1/12 Scale Beautiful Dollhouse Miniature Framed Picture #HC245B
Miniature Dollhouse Vintage Art Deco Porcelain Vase w Great Colors 1:12 NR
Miniature Dollhouse FAIRY GARDEN ~ Rustic Antiqued CHRISTMAS Set of 3 Deer Picks
Lot Victorian Scraps Small Dollhouse Prints c1870's
Dollhouse Miniature Home/Garden/Yard 3" Handmade Clay Assorted Flowers 1:12
Dollhouse Miniature Landscaping Garden Yard Flooring Grass Mat 1ft x 1ft As Real
Dollhouse Miniatures~3 Porcelain Collector Plates~Sad Clown "PIERROT"~1 1/8"Diam
Dollhouse Miniature Six Real Wax Creme Candles by Clare-Bell Brass
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Miniature Dollhouse FAIRY GARDEN Accessories ~Small Gray Pond with "Water" ~ NEW
HANDMADE needle felted, gray striped cat. Animal art.
Adorable 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Raggedy Ann & Andy Framed Picture #HC95
Miniature Dollhouse/Fairy Garden Flower Lot
Dollhouse Miniature Violet Floral Shade Table Lamp by Reutter Porcelain
Dollhouse miniatures 4 glass jars w/pickled fruits and vegetables, 1:12
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1:12 Scale Dollhouse Quilt - 6 " x 6 "
M00686 MOREZMORE 10 Miniature Gold 6mm Coins Metal Doll 1:6 Scale Prop T20A
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miniature dollhouse figurine ~ Staffordshire style~ handcrafted
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miniature dollhouse figurine ~ Staffordshire style~ handcrafted
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Safari Plastic Dollhouse-size President Busts 1:6 Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy..
Miniature Dollhouse Goose/Geese/Heart Wall Shelf - 1:12 - NOS/NIP/Artisan
miniature dollhouse figurine ~ Staffordshire style~ handcrafted
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1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Modern White Glazed Porcelain Vase #SCV1
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Dollhouse Tea Cart Chrysnbon Country Blue F-160 (J6)
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Life In Miniature Dollhouse Enthusiasts Will Show An Array Of Tiny Buildings At A Boca Show.
Bing`s husband, George, is chairman for the group`s Saturday dollhouse miniature show and sale at ... Cricket Richmond, an independent collector, uses her miniatures as part of her home`s decor. ``One of my favorites is a little girl sitting on a brass ...
Dolls, teddy bears take a bow at today's show in Leesburg
The show will feature antiques, modern dolls, reproductions, paper dolls, Barbies, teddy bears, miniatures, furniture ... Sale items include furniture, linens and home-decor merchandise. All proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society.
Dollhouse Festival fundraiser coming to Utah County
Dollhouse ... for miniatures, trains, ships, fire stations, collectors' items -- any structure a child (or adult!) might enjoy. Handmade items like wooden cars and tic-tac-toe games are available, as well as dolls, doll furniture, baby items, home decor ...
Furnishing Small Castles at the Tiny Doll House
Leather drum tables, chinoiserie mirrors, beanbag chairs — the Tiny Doll House carries all kinds of miniature furnishings from ... this miniaturist haven sells décor for every kind of dollhouse or scaled-down set, from gilt bergères, or upholstered ...
Chicago dollhouse miniatures shop the place for shrinking dollar
So if there’s a birthday or special event coming up for a little girl who loves dolls ... dollhouse buyer’s dream but also a working store. Downstairs is a workshop where hopes of someday owning a real mansion come to miniature life. Miss your ...
Today’s Miniature Dollhouse Market Enjoying Huge Growth
admit to being “hooked on the hobby” and say that building and decorating dollhouses together has brought a wonderful, new level of fun and closeness to their 40-year marriage. “Building miniature doll houses is a very rewarding and creative ...