Dolls & Bears Dollhouse Miniatures Fireplaces & Accessories
Miniature Unfinished Wood Fireplace Dollhouse & Shadow Box Crafts
1:12 scale dollhouse fireplace, white wood
Dollhouse Miniatures Diorama 1/10-1/12 Scale Fireplace
set of 2 unfinished wooden fireplaces, traditional or colonial style
Fireplace small Colonial UMF20 plaster & resin dollhouse miniature 1/12 scale
Miniature Logs with Flames for Fireplace #1 for DOLLHOUSE 12volt 1/12 Scale
Kovels: German wooden doll sells for $2,900
Wooden dolls date back ... household goods and a tiny miniature Grodnertal wooden doll. Because she was old, attractive and in good original condition, a collector paid more than $2,900 to take her home. Q: I have a pasteboard dollhouse designed and ...
Interest in miniatures grows as collectors create perfect little worlds
Miniature houses aren't just for dolls. "It's not a dollhouse, it's a piece of three-dimensional art," said Debbie McManus, owner of Lynlott Miniatures Dollhouse Junction in Aspinwall. "No matter what else is going on in your world, with a miniature house ...
Miniature making
Chase has made mini draperies, bolts of fabric, spools of thread, quilts, needlepoint pillows and wigs for dollhouse dolls. Others she knows in the hobby, particularly men, enjoy wiring miniature creations for electricity and metalwork, along with ...
This old dollhouse
Currently, she is serving on a team of conservators and other professionals who are involved in a painstaking process of restoring New York City's Stettheimer Dollhouse, right down to the miniature prints ... intricately costumed dolls, as well as ...
Small wonders on display at The Barnyard
More than 1,000 miniature dolls are arranged in the scenes that depict daily ... She had an afternoon free and decided to kill some time by visiting a dollhouse shop. “I was blown away by what I found and the level of detail I saw when I ...
Dollhouse Miniature Fireplace Grate with Wood
Dollhouse Miniature Fireplace in Mahogany
1:12 scale Colonial or Tudor Walk-in fireplace & rustic iron tools & andirons
Firebox for CMD mantels.1/12 scale
International Miniatures by Classics Coat Stand
1/12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Brass Fireplace Accessories Set
1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Fireplace Log Rack with Stacked Firewood #SD298
Fireplace small Victorian UMF9 plaster & resin dollhouse miniature 1/12 scale
GONE WITH THE WIND Georgin fireplace mantel 1/12 scale by CMD unpainted resin.
1:12 scale brass dollhouse fireplace accessories: tools, screen & log basket
Miniature Dollhouse FAIRY GARDEN ~ Cut Firewood with Ax in Tree Stump ~ NEW
Dollhouse Fireplace Mantle Vintage Miniature Mahogany Wood 4"
Dollhouse Miniature Cook Stove Kit by Chrysnbon
New Dollhouse Miniature Walnut Colored Fireplace with fire wood  white trim
Dollhouse Miniature Unique Miniatures Fireplace Miniature
Dollhouse Miniature Unfinished Metal Fireplace Fireback 1767
Vintage Dollhouse Miniature Wooden "Brick Front' Fireplace 
Vintage Wonderland Originals Dollhouse Brick Fireplace w/ Real Marble Mantel NEW
Dollhouse Miniature Colonial Fireplace Pot Hanger #217 Reynolds Painted Metal
Dollhouse Miniature Fireplace in Green & Gold
Dollhouse Miniature 1:24 Scale Gold Fireplace Screen by Island Crafts & Minia...
1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Black And White Fireplace WL059
Dollhouse Miniature Fireplace Tools
Fireplace Tool Set - 1/12 scale dollhouse metal miniature
Dollhouse Fireplace Ready for Porcelain Tiles 1.787/0 Reutter Miniature
1/12 Dollhouse Furniture Metal Rack with Firewood for Living Room Fireplace Mode
Dollhouse Miniature Furniture ~ Victorian Fireplace Made of Wood ~ Mahogany ~
Unique fireplace mantel 1/12 scale by CMD unpainted resin.
FRENCH FIREPLACE OVERMANTLE MIRROR~ 1:12th scale ~Dollhouse Miniatu ~ Room Box
Vintage Houseworks 12 V. Fireplace Flickering No. 2019 1:12 Dollhouse Miniature
Antique TYNIETOY Dollhouse FIRE SCREEN Ornate COPPER Fireplace Accessory c. 1900
Tynietoy Fireplace Screen Dollhouse Copper Metal Miniature Vintage Antique
FIREPLACE ~ HAND PAINTED MARBLE ~Jim Coates ~ Dollhouse~ 1:12 scale ~ Room Box
Dollhouse Miniature Fireplace Tools (2pc) Metal G117 Olde Mountain Minis 1/12th
The Lawbre Company French Console Dollhouse Fireplace in Rose Marble Finish
Half Scale Fireplace - Arched UMF10 1/24 scale polyresin dollhouse Miniatures
Vintage 1986 Bandai Fireplace Maple Town Story
Dollhouse Miniature Unfinished Metal Fireplace Grate
Dollhouse Miniature Coal Scuttle Chrysnbon Minis 1:12 Scale
FIREPLACE OVERMANTLE ~ 2 Tone Gold ~ Dollhouse Mini ~ 1:12 scale ~ Room Box
Melody Jane Dolls Houses Miniature Fireplace Knights Fire Grate Front & Ash Pan
Dollhouse Miniature Gold Plated Fireplace Screen by Falcon Miniatures
Victorian Miniature Dollhouse Brick Fireplace with attached mirror
Toy - Bi-Plane / Red - 1/12 scale dollhouse metal miniature ISL2914
Vintage Dollhouse Miniature Wooden Mantle Table Clock Fireplace Shelf Ornament
Wood Fireplace Doll House Mantel Handmade 5.5" Tall x 6" Wide 1.25" Deep
1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Oak Fireplace Surround with Mantle #SDF1527
Tiny Antique /Vintage toy advertising tin/faux match box/ Dolls house/c1920's
Chadwick Miller Doll House Miniature Wooden Fire Place 3.1/4 X 2.5/8 inches
~~Antique Dollhouse Brass Fireplace and Fender ~~
Metronome - Music - 1/12 scale dollhouse cast metal miniature ISL2541
Pre-Victorian FIREPLACE IRONS 1/12 scale dollhouse metal miniature ISL2744
Dollhouse Miniature Office Home Metal 1" Paper Stapler Pink/White/Black/Red 1:12
Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 Scale Hand Painted Oriental Fireplace
Dollhouse Miniature Fancy Brass/Gold Peacock Fireplace Screen 1:12 #SD86155
Fireplace - Green 1.859/0 miniature dollhouse furniture 1/12 scale Reutter
1:12 Classic Mantle Clock Model Dollhouse Miniature Home Rooms Items Decor
Log'n Flame LED Flickering Fireplace Log 5/8"L-#203 Dollhouse Miniatures
Dollhouse Miniature Porcelain Double Sink #742/0 -
Dollhouse Miniature Log'n Flame LED Flickering Fireplace Log - #203 (1-1/8"L)
Dollhouse Miniature Ornate Wall Unit in Walnut w/ Fireplace
Dollhouse Miniature Bean Pot/Early Style Kettle Cira 1660 -#G125 1/12th
Dollhouse Miniature 1/2" Scale Fireplace -Handcast #F18 Unique Miniatures 1/12th
Dollhouse Miniature Ornate Pewter Candlesticks Circa 1720 (2) -#H103 1/12th
Dollhouse Miniature Andirons Circa 1740 (2) #B103 Olde Mountain Miniature1/12th
Dollhouse Miniature Fireplace Trammel - #G130 - 1/12th Scale
1/12 Dollhouse Furniture Metal Rack with Firewood for Living Room Fireplace C4D4
Dollhouse Miniature Cast Iron Kettle #333 & Long Handle Pot #K71 1/12th Scale
Dollhouse Miniature Fireplace Screen #FS7 - Brass Plated - Handcrafted 1/12th
Dollhouse Miniature Andirons wi Spit Hooks Circa 1700 (2) #B109 1/12th Scale
Dollhouse Miniature Cast Renaissance Revival Fireplace AE225
Dollhouse Miniature Fieldstone Walk in Fireplace in Resin
Dollhouse Miniature Stone and Wood Fireplace
Dollhouse Miniature Fireplace Firebox (LED) by Houseworks
Dollhouse Miniature Andirons Circa 1795 (2) #B105 Olde Mountain Miniature1/12th
Dollhouse Miniature Copper Kettle -#G128 1/12th Scale Olde Mountain Miniatures
Dollhouse Miniature Fireplace - #A4485RW - Falcon Miniatures 1/12th Scale Resin
Dollhouse Miniature Andirons - Rooster Design - Brass Plated #AN7 Handcrafted
Dollhouse Miniature 12 volt Wired Fireplace Insert with Glowing Embers #S2597
Dollhouse Miniature Fireplace Accessory Set by Reutter Porcelain
LAWBRE CO. 1/12th scale Handpainted Cast Victorian Fireplace Mantel OOAK
Dollhouse MiniatureFireplace Crane - #G101 Old Mountail Miniatures
Dollhouse Miniature Skewer Set #G134 Old Mountail Miniatures 1/12th Scale
Dollhouse Miniature Victorian Andirons (Pr) (#472) - Reynolds Miniatures 1/12th
Dollhouse Miniature Cruisie Lamp #H104 1/12th Scale Circa Olde Mountain Mini
Dollhouse Miniature Kettle /Cauldron - 4 Footed Black Chrome #J076 1/12th Scale
Dollhouse Miniature Fireplace Screen - Brass Plated - Handcrafted #FS13
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$hopGirl: Trains, dolls and more for all ages
Step into the fun at My Dollhouse ... bears and collectible dolls. There's a room for miniature houses including kits, quick build and assembled houses as well as anything you need to decorate the house inside or out. Of course, the shop has all the ...
A huge market for life in miniature
the show will feature hundreds of handmade and collectible dolls, teddy bears, dollhouse miniatures and dollhouses and "room box" exhibitions in the scale of 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48. They've been supplied by clubs and individuals from Lower Hutt, Whanganui ...
Thirty-two years in the making, dollhouse makes second appearance under the Christmas tree
The dolls immediately became Nana and Granddad, Mommy and Daddy, Bella and Liam. I had also bought furniture at Valley Dolls and Miniatures ... because the dollhouse lacks the room which is now the heart of the house — the library or fireplace room ...
Museum of Doll Art chronicles centuries of history through its 12,000 collectibles
Her two-story Bellevue museum is home to some 12,000 dolls and collectibles, 3,000 of which are on permanent exhibit, including teddy bears, toys, doll houses and miniatures ... But the museum isn't just a dollhouse for Whyel's personal treasures.
Cheap events: 'Conquering Bear' performs in Round Lake
Native American performer William Buchholtz, known as "Conquering Bear ... the Dollhouse Miniatures Show & Sale. More than 200 dealers from 32 states and 19 countries will showcase dollhouses, dollhouse accessories and a special room just for dolls.
Think Small Miniaturists To Share Their Creations At A Show And Sale.
Levenson buys toys from miniature shops and shows, but also makes many of the dolls, teddy bears and dollhouse accessories herself. McCullough created the village`s Down East Lobster Shack. She wet the shingles and let the sun bleach them for a weathered ...